There are so many definitions to describe diversities in humanity: Black, White, Straight, Gay, Christian, Jewish, Muslim and then some…
Because of the socio-political conjuncture and cultural differences people use these definitions in order to categorise each other.
But because of the fear of the unknown, this common approach poses a danger, which is creating borders in between humanity.

From my point of view, this approach is starting point of marginalization, making enemies, and racism.

That’s why I wanted to show the beauty of contrast via using the different type of fonts and writing the keywords of racism.
With this way, I aimed to raise awareness about the harmony of diversity, which is the only way to make the world more peaceful.

You can type “A” letter with 1000 different types of fonts, and at the end, they are still an “A”.

Just like we are, even though the differences between us, we are still human.



D&AD New Blood Brief // Monotype



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